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4th April 2023

Market Comment – April 2023

As we go into April, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a little more sunshine! I thought I would share with you some of the sentiments and projections that as a company we subscribe to leading economists and their projections and views for 2023. Whilst the beginning of the year remained stable as I’ve reported […]

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8th March 2023

Market Comment – February 2023

February as ever seemed to rush by, as I reflect on our figures and the experts it is clear that the market changes are geographically centric. I was interested to read an article in the Guardian, written by the Halifax, stating that house prices in February had increased 1.1% to £285,476 after falls in the […]

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1st February 2023

Market Comment – January 2023

January has proved both a mixed bag of results and a mixed bag of forecasts, with the more gloomy commentators hoping to attract headlines, stating house prices will drop 5% this year, to the more realistic such as Savills Estate Agents, who predict that house prices will recover and the average house price will be […]

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4th January 2023

Market Comment – December 2022

First and foremost, may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year! Having worked at Streets Ahead for 33 years, I think it’s fair to say I have experienced a number of December and Christmas markets. I was very interested to see how the December sales market panned out. It is with […]

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2nd December 2022

Market Comment – November 2022

As we enter the last and festive month of 2022, it appears though all the pundits are preparing themselves for a gloomy 2023. After 33 years of commentating on the market and for those of you who follow my market comment, it will be no surprise to know that I always look for the positive […]

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Market Comment – October 2022

It will not come as a huge surprise to anybody that the pundits have been out in force predicting doom and gloom for the housing markets, and I fully understand that bad news grabs attention, however I would like to bring some sensibility into the current housing situation. House prices are remaining the same and […]

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10th October 2022

Market Comment – September 2022

I know that for many of us, September has been an unsettling month with the mourning period for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and I am aware that this has been a difficult time for many of us. Turning to the economic situation, we have seen unsettling times there too, not to mention the mini […]

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14th September 2022

Market Comment – August 2022

It used to be an old rumour that August was the 2nd quietest month after December, owing to the school holidays and for obvious reasons, families taking advantage of this 6 to 7 week holiday. In recent years, this has turned out to be nothing more than an old fashion saying, as in August 2022 […]

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4th August 2022

Market Comment – July 2022

There has been a divide of opinions with the pundits regarding the housing market and the rest of 2022. Whilst it has been our experience that house prices moved up by approximately 0.1% from June to July, in line with a report by the guardian, this is still an increase, all be it small as […]

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5th July 2022

Market Comment – June 2022

June was a month of mixed results and I don’t blame anybody for being slightly perplexed at what the pundits are writing about the property market. Save to say, I can just report on our figures and our position in June. It is true that we saw inflation reach 9.1%, a 40 year high and […]

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7th June 2022

Market Comment – May 2022

May was a mixed bag of results and I note that Robert Gardner, the chief economist at Nationwide, says house prices were 0.9% higher in May compared to April, which is a bigger rise than 0.4% recorded between April and March. This follows a ten consecutive monthly rise, with the average cost of a UK […]

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16th May 2022

Market Comment – April 2022

The housing market continued to remain busy during April and according to the Halifax figures, house prices rose 1.1% in April compared with March, which concludes that house prices have risen by 10.8% in the last year, taking the average property price to £286,000.79. None of us can ignore that the cost of living and […]

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1st April 2022

Market Comment – March 2022

March saw the momentum of the housing market continue, with the average UK home now over £265,000 and that is £33,000 higher than March 2021, with a 14% increase since last March. This has been the strongest pace of increase since November 2004. After reading numerous expert reports, all be it the housing market may […]

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1st March 2022

Market Comment – February 2022

The housing market despite the Russia Ukraine situation has continued to be as robust as ever in February. I have purposely started with this particular sentence, as I have been asked how developments with the crisis will affect the housing situation and whilst I do not pretend to know the answer, I have read many […]

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2nd February 2022

Market Comment – January 2022

I hope everyone had a great January – the worst weather and darkest nights are now behind us. I have to confess, I got slightly caught off guard with how busy it was from the 4th January. Whilst we were still in the depths of Covid restrictions, our enquiries in the first two weeks both […]

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11th January 2022

Market Comment – December 2021

Firstly, happy new year to all our clients, both past current and all our new customers to come. It would be fair to stay, along with the obvious, the housing market is always a topic for conversation at Christmas and after reading many reports, I broadly concur with Mr Galley the MD of Halifax that […]

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7th December 2021

Market Comment – November 2021

I wanted to finish my market comment for 2021 on a high and recent reports have made that easy for me to do, showing that the average house prices in the United Kingdom has hit a new high of £272,992 according to the Halifax. Prices increased by 1% month on month in November, while quarterly […]

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9th November 2021

Market Comment – October 2021

As we enter the last quarter of a marathon year, the pundits have mixed reviews on the housing market. Some saying that house prices will continue to rise by 1% in December, after a 1.3% rise in October and some saying property prices are beginning to level. However, in October we experienced a 5.8% increase […]

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15th October 2021


Croydon sales win GOLD for the British Property Awards, best agent in Croydon, 2021!

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Property Management News!

Streets Ahead property management team secure 2 of Croydon’s largest developments & take on a number of skilled property managers!

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11th October 2021


Purley lettings win GOLD for the British Property Awards Best letting agent in the area.

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8th October 2021

Market Comment – September 2021

I was very pleasantly surprised with the results of September across all of our departments, from second hand homes, lettings and new homes. In recent reports, the cost of the average home in the UK was 1.7% higher in September compared with August and September was the fastest monthly rise since February 2007, according to […]

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2nd August 2021

Market Comment – July 2021

With the stamp duty holiday ending at the end of June, I wondered what the immediate after math would be like, however there was little change in July, save the obvious rush to get exchanged in the last week of June. Enquiries were at the same level and interestingly enough across our group, 58% of […]

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6th July 2021

Market Comment – June 2021

What a month! After 35 years + as an estate agent on the Lower Addiscombe Road and experiencing the end of double tax relief and 2 recessions, it was great to feel the excitement and hear all the lovely stories of people rushing to complete before June 30th to benefit from the stamp duty holiday. All […]

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10th May 2021

Market Comment – April 2021

As the property market is best described as booming a new property portal is launched called ‘Boomin’ and some of you may have seen advertisements. The surge in demand is predominantly being driven by the stamp duty holiday and ultra-low interest rates and I noticed in some reports that the property market is experiencing 13 […]

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13th April 2021

Market Comment – March 2021

What a month as homeowners scramble to get on the ladder! No one could have predicted the activity this month as across the group, 21% of properties were sold for more than the asking price, 15% attracted offers from 3 of more buyers and the number of potential purchasers was up a whopping 26% on […]

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2nd March 2021

Market Comment – February 2021

Firstly and most importantly, I trust and hope all our customers clients and indeed everybody is safe and well. I know that these are difficult serious and challenging times for everybody and I would like to thank those once again on the frontline, putting themselves at risk to get us through this pandemic. I have […]

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22nd February 2021

Market Comment – January 2021

Please accept my apologies for the slight delay in Februarys market comment, however this is simply down to activity levels being so high in both residential sales, residential lettings and in new homes. A particular mention goes out to our unsung army of hero’s, the admin team and property management department, who 7 days a […]

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11th January 2021

Market Comment – December 2021

Firstly I would like to wish everybody a happy new year and I trust all be it a different one, everyone had a lovely Christmas. There is no doubt that over Christmas and during the early months of 2021, not only in the property market but the main news across the UK and world over […]

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9th December 2020

Market Comment – November 2020

As we approach the end of the year and we emerge from another lockdown, I would firstly like to thank all our clients who have vigilantly adhered to strict government guidelines, all the precautions and extra measures we put in to place for the safety of our staff and the public in November. I confess, […]

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6th November 2020

Market Comment – October 2020

I’m pleased to tell you all that the housing market both in residential sales and lettings remained solid in October and in pockets of the areas we operate in, we are seeing prices still rise. After analysing all of our figures, our prospective purchaser enquiries were up 4% on the same month last year and […]

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9th October 2020

Market Comment – September 2020

September turned out to be robust both in residential sales, lettings and land and new homes. I was correct with my prediction, in that activity even exceeded my expectations. Two particular areas to be noted is a 12% rise in prospective purchasers compared with the same month last year and a 31% rise in new […]

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15th September 2020

Market Comment – August 2020

First and foremost, I trust and hope all our clients and customers are well and safe, as we all know these are very challenging times. Even I confess in these challenging times, not only is the property market in sales, lettings and new homes bucking the trend, but demand was up so much in August […]

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13th August 2020

Market Comment – July 2020

July turned out to be an unprecedented month and no one in the industry could have foreseen the expediential spike in activity and indeed in confidence. It seems hardly possible that change in a three month window. Sales enquiries were up in excess of 270% and lettings enquiries in excess of 210% and as I […]

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7th July 2020

Market Comment June 2020

Whilst I am mindful that so many people throughout the world are making such sacrifices, it almost seems inappropriate to deliver to you an upbeat report, but the housing market has returned with full force across all of our offices and departments and all of the figures have been substantially up on June the previous […]

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18th June 2020

Market Comment – May 2020

First and foremost, I hope and trust you are all well and managing to adapt in these challenging times. I can personally speak for the whole operation throughout the Streets Ahead group, in that we have made huge operational changes in line with the government guidelines and so much more to protect our staff and […]

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7th May 2020

Market Comment – April 2020

I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on some of the positive stories in the media during the last month. Whilst I know this is a difficult time for everybody, I want to once again focus our huge thanks and support for the national help service and all key workers for the phenomenal job […]

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3rd April 2020

Market Comment – March 2020

First and foremost, on behalf of all the Streets Ahead family, I would like to thank the NHS and keyworkers for their unbelievable commitment and incredible work during these challenging times. I am sure it goes without saying that we have all been touched by the amazing courage shown by our doctors and nurses, key […]

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10th March 2020

Market Comment – February 2020

As I write this, I reflect on 2 dates. Firstly, our progress and results in February which I am quietly excited by, as prospective sales applicants are up a whopping 16% on the same month in 2019 and residential lettings applicants are up by 12% on the same month in 2019. The activity that we […]

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17th February 2020

Market Comment – January 2020

Some market commentators and newspapers have called it the ‘Boris Bounce’ however, mindful that my market comment is non-political, I can report that there has been a substantial upturn in activity in the housing sector in January and it is my opinion that the uncertainty of Brexit and the cloud of stuck in the mud […]

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17th January 2020

Market Comment – December 2019

Firstly, I would like to wish all of our customer’s past and present a very happy new year and I was delighted to read over the last 2 weeks and even at the end of December, some positive news amongst the property pundits and news in general. All seem to agree that now the political […]

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3rd December 2019

Market coment – November 2019

November can best be described as a solid and stable month for the sales market across our group, from Coulsdon to Crystal Palace. The number of houses that we agreed sales on were marginally up on November 2018 and it was refreshing to see that just over 85% of the offers that were accepted were […]

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11th November 2019

Market Comment – October 2019

As the Brexit deadline came and went and we face a general election in December, this appears to have had little impact in activity throughout our operation. Indeed for the first time turning to lettings first, October by far was our busiest month, up 13% on October 2018 and I have read a number of […]

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1st October 2019

Market Comment – September 2019

September can only be described as an unusual and strange month both for sales and lettings and for me, who speaks to my team all day and every day, I confess it seemed like a long month. Let me explain when I say unusual, in that nothing seems predictable throughout the group from new sales […]

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6th September 2019

Market Comment – August 2019

I trust everybody had a great Summer, if not unusually hot but great for BBQ’s and for prospective purchasers and tenants out viewing in the evening and weekend. Last year, when we experienced temperatures of 23 degrees, I was surprised that the viewing figures were up and not down and this year it came as […]

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8th August 2019

Market Comment – July 2019

Looking at July, whilst I appreciate that there are many uncertainties and in particular Brexit, it will come as no surprise that out of the negative reporting, I have found it easy to find the rays of sunshine amongst this negativity. When you actually look at the housing market across the UK, certain commentators have […]

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9th July 2019

Market Comment – June 2019

The recent spell of hot weather in June did not seem to deter prospective purchasers and their house hunting. As I reflect over June 2019 compared with June 2018, the number of prospective new house hunters looking to buy and not registered across our group was up 7% as a figure of 714. Also, the […]

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4th June 2019

Market Comment – May 2019

May turned out to be a mixed bunch of results and reports when I look at the statistics and media reports for the housing market. The average price of a house rose to £236,800 in the first 3 months to February, up 2.8% compared to the same period last year according to Russell Galley, managing […]

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3rd May 2019

Market Comment – April 2019

April turned out to be a month two spikes in that we saw a dramatic increase in sales enquiries in the second week of April, with a significant decrease in the third week which as you can imagine did equal itself in the end and new registrations were exactly where we expected them to be […]

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5th April 2019

Market Comment – March 2018

I have read some pretty gloomy reports about the housing market at the end of March and the word subdued seems to crop up time and time again. I have to say, it might be subdued for the reactive Estate Agents, but for the Proactive Estate Agent, it is my opinion that their market share […]

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5th March 2019

Market Comment – February 2019

February ended up being a fairly stable month across our group, although it was a month of stop and start both in the lettings and sales market. I was interested to read that house prices according to the nationwide building society were up 0.4% compared with a year ago, however in February house prices dipped […]

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5th February 2019

Market Comment – January 2019

Firstly, January proved and beat all of my expectations amongst the normal pessimistic predictions with some of the pundits. I read with interest in January, the top 10 property experts predictions for 2019 with between 70% and 80% with no capital growth movement, one saying a 5% increase and one saying a 5% fall, and […]

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7th January 2019

Market Comment – December 2018

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year and I trust everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I was away over Christmas and the new year, which gave me much time to read the experts view on the property both in sales and lettings going forward in 2019. After spending […]

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5th December 2018

Market Comment – November 2018

November turned out to be a month of peaks and troths across our group. It would be fair to say we got off to a sluggish start in sales and lettings but particularly in our sales division, however, I am pleased to report that in the last ten days we did as much business by […]

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1st November 2018

Market Comment – October 2018

Octobers statistics for all of our offices and nationwide can best be described as stable and solid, and I note with interest that the BBC have reported today that house prices rose 1.6% in October 2018 compared with October 2017. In the same article, it goes on to say prices were flat after a 0.2% […]

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Streets Ahead new homes launch Chipstead Valley Road.

5th October 2018

After 3 successful years as a senior negotiator and assistant manager, we are delighted to announce that Kai Seale, has been promoted to Branch Manager at our Coulsdon Office, 148 Brighton Road, Coulsdon.

1st October 2018

Market Comment – September 2018

It hardly seems possible that we are now in the last quarter of the year and I know many of you will be saying the same as me “where has 2018 gone?!” but that just means that we are all working hard and hopefully enjoying ourselves and that’s why time fly’s. September turned out a […]

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10th September 2018

Market Comment – August 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed the hot weather and for those of us old enough, it reminded us of the summer of 1976. I did think to myself privately that temperatures of 33 degrees plus would somewhat subdued the viewing figures and by the time 6/7 o’clock came people would be rushing home to BBQs and […]

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5th September 2018

Streets Ahead thrilled as leading Estate Agent Danny Poulton-Midani joins the team to manage the sales team at 263 High Street, Croydon.

1st September 2018

Streets Ahead New Homes launch development of 11 apartments and town houses in East Dulwich.

23rd August 2018

Planning permission Granted for 9 apartments at 94 Foxley Lane. Streets Ahead Land and New homes act of Vendor and Purchaser.

Monahan Avenue, after 5 failed attempts with alternative agents exchanges contracts with full planning permission for 8 apartments and 1 house.

Market Comment – July 2018

Whilst July was very much what we expected and with no increase or decrease in activity with our sales market, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that the property market was going to collapse after reading some of the gloomy reports surrounding the London house market, the uncertainty of Brexit, the hottest August since 1976 […]

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23rd July 2018

Final phase of Aspen Mews sells out.

12th June 2018

Dickenson’s Lane is launched, a development of new 3 bedroom town houses and 100% are reserved on launch day and Lamberts Place East Croydon, a development of town houses is launched the following weekend with 100% reservations secured on launch day.

5th June 2018

Market Comment – May 2018

Firstly, Croydon gets the confirmation that we have all been waiting for for over 4 years now, that John Lewis and Waitrose will be the anchor store for Croydon’s Westfield development. It has long been rumoured that John Lewis have always been the number 1 target of the developers behind Croydon’s new Westfield shopping centre […]

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27th May 2018

Land and New homes secure full planning permission for 5 luxury detached five bedroom executive homes in Woodcote Grove Road.

10th May 2018

Market Comment – April 2018

April proved to be somewhat an unpredictable month. I predicted that it would be solid and steady, however we saw bursts of purchaser activity in the middle of the month and a real spike in new registrations for prospective tenants at the end of April. By and large, the figures and amount of properties that […]

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2nd May 2018

Streets Ahead Land and New homes launch 4 beautiful 4,000 sq ft. double fronted detached executive houses, occupying an enviable plot overlooking Surrey downs. Prices from £2.3 million.

17th April 2018

Completion of 63 Higher Drive for development as the purchaser and vendor were advised by Streets Ahead Land and New Homes. New Homes launch development of 5 flats which attracts 100% reservation on launch day.

3rd April 2018

Market Comment – March 2018

Despite a number of reports throughout March describing the housing market as subdued, sluggish and slow across our group, I would describe March as being solid. I cannot argue with the statistics that house prices were down 0.2% from the previous month, but let’s put that in to perspective in that it is not enough […]

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23rd March 2018

Streets Ahead Land and New Homes secure offer of £1,600,000 on Landmark property in Pollards Hill, Norbury, with planning permission for 5 detached houses.

28th February 2018

Streets Ahead Land and New Homes instructed on 180 new apartments in Crystal Palace

31st January 2018

Market Comment – January 2018

Firstly, I would like to wish all out clients both past, present and future a very happy new year and whilst I have spent a month reading a lot of negative propaganda about the property market, I thought I would write to you on a more cheery note about the positive things in the housing […]

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4th January 2018

Market Comment – December 2017

Firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our current, past and our new 2018 clients a very happy new year. Over the festive period I have been reading all of the reports as to the housing market in London, the South East and rest of UK and it was with interest I […]

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4th December 2017

Market Comment – November 2017

As our thoughts turn to the end of the year, Christmas and 2018, we saw some important changes to the housing market this past November. On the 1st November the government published its “tenants fees bill” which if passed in to law will make it an offence for Landlords and Tenants to charge upfront fees. […]

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19th November 2017

Streets Ahead attend develop Croydon conference.

2nd November 2017

Market comment – October 2017

Another solid month. “UK house price growth edged up to a 3 month high in October” according to the Nationwide. Also, annual growth in house prices peaked up to 2.5% up from 2.3% in September, as a shortage of homes in the market and low mortgage rates propped up prices the Nationwide have commented. It […]

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2nd October 2017

Market Comment – September 2017

September was a month of mixed reports for the housing market both in London and nationwide. The Nationwide reported that house prices rose 2% from September 2016 to 2017, the weakest increase since 2013 but this was very regional with London house prices going up by 0.6% and the East Midlands values jumping 5.1% in […]

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7th September 2017

New flagship branch opens at 25 High Street, South Norwood.

3rd September 2017

Streets Ahead attend Estate Agency masters at InterContinental London, The O2 and win numerous awards.

1st September 2017

Market Comment – August 2017

As I write this, I am mindful that in a few days’ time the children will be back at school and for many of our clients the summer holidays will be coming to a close. The reason I mention this is, many people always say August is a quiet month for this very reason and […]

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4th August 2017

Market Comment – July 2017

July across the board can be best described as a steady month both for sales and lettings. There have been mixed reports about the housing market and July 2017 has been no stranger to the usual gloom mongers, so I thought it would be prudent to report to you with some actual figures across South […]

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4th July 2017

Market Comment – June 2017

Mixed reactions with the general election outcome in that most people expected Theresa May to be our Prime Minister a month on from my last market comment, however she is Prime Minister without a majority in the house of commons and some of the pundits see this as a period of uncertainty. The good news […]

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31st May 2017

Market Comment – May 2017

May turned out to be a month of mixed emotions, with all the political parties making promises as I had mentioned last month, as we go to the polls on Thursday the 8th, will it be Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn that head up our housing policy over the next 4 years. Many of the […]

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2nd May 2017

Daniel Woods re-joins the Streets Ahead

Daniel Woods re-joins the Streets Ahead family as Head of Lettings after 3 years running a corporate operation with numerous lettings offices as an Area Director. Dan returns to Streets Ahead after starting his career as an apprentice 12 years ago.

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3rd April 2017

Market Comment – April 2017

Whilst all around seem to be talking and concentrating on the United Kingdom triggering article 50, giving us 2 years to leave the European union, at Streets Ahead we marched on and produced very solid and stable results throughout March. There have been conflicting projections and reports in the newspapers, with the footsie reaching record […]

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1st March 2017

Market Comment – March 2017

Traditionally, February although the shortest month in the year, over our last 27 years has proven to be an extremely busy month and February 2017 was not to disappoint. I was very interested to read the government housing white paper which was published this month. The white paper recommends a number of measures to increase […]

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2nd February 2017

Team Member Featured Profile – New Homes Director, Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly Land & New Homes Director Telephone: 020 8655 4783 Email: Branch:     Patrick has been an estate agent in Croydon and the surrounding area for over 30 years and what Patrick doesn’t know about property isn’t worth knowing. Patrick is a fountain of knowledge to all the Streets Ahead family as […]

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Market Comment – February 2017

Both house prices and activity in the areas we operate in defy predictions and also defy the gloom mongering pundits. There were mutterings at the end of 2016 that the sales market would slow in 2017 amongst other things due to European and global uncertainty and a question mark over an economic recession. I have […]

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11th January 2017

​The Body Shop opens new £1 million beauty lab in East Croydon

Ethical cosmetics firm, The Body Shop has built a £1 million “beauty innovation hub” in Croydon to help create more of its products in-house. Some of The Body Shop’s most popular products will now be developed in Croydon, including a large range of body butters which come with a variety of scents including, strawberry, pink […]

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9th January 2017

Croydon Council granted £1.4m to help tackle homelessness within the borough

Croydon Council’s pioneering approach secures £1.4m to assist in tackling homelessness Croydon Council’s pioneering approach has secured £1.4million to help tackle rough sleeping in the borough and prevent homelessness among vulnerable families and individuals. Over the next four years, £400,000 will be dedicated to helping rough sleepers get off the borough’s streets and get their […]

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Team Member Featured Profile – Nick Durkin

Nick Durkin Senior Lettings Manager Telephone: 020 8683 8112 Email: Branch: Crystal Palace Nick marks over a decade with Streets Ahead this year. Having joined as a trainee lettings consultant he has worked his way through the ranks to become the senior lettings manager of the Crystal Palace branch. If it is happening in Crystal […]

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4th January 2017

Two new projects designed to let young people unleash their creativity are being launched this month by Croydon council’s youth team

A creative New Year for Croydon’s young people  Two new projects designed to let young people unleash their creativity are being launched in the New Year by the council’s youth team. ‘Think it, film it’ and ‘creative art nights’ both take place at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre, 192 Selhurst Road, South Norwood. The filming […]

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3rd January 2017

Market Comment – January 2017

Firstly, I trust everyone had a happy Christmas and I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2017. Finishing off 2016, there was no slow down across our offices in December and now it is nothing but a myth that December is the quietest month of the year. Those amongst us who have […]

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7th December 2016

Free ice rink opening in Croydon next week

A synthetic rink is going to be created at Valley Retail and Leisure Park in the car park opposite Boots. The icy attraction off Purley Way is particularly aimed at children and will be open from Friday, December 16, to Friday, December 23, so it will be the perfect opportunity to keep the youngsters entertained […]

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Market Comment – December 2016

Solid and steady best describes the housing market from Coulsdon to Crystal Palace in all the areas that we operate in during November. While we watched with interest the American elections with the president elect trump due to take office in January 2017, a few have asked has this had an effect on the Croydon […]

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Croydon parks are to become more cycle friendly

Three of Croydon’s main parks are to become more cycle-friendly as the council changes byelaws and invests in better paths and signage. Lloyd Park, Park Hill Recreation Ground and Wandle Park are all to get cycle routes, making riding a bike to school or work and getting out on two wheels at the weekend as […]

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10th November 2016

The directors and all the staff at Streets Ahead are deeply shocked and saddened by the Sandilands tram accident and all those affected and their families are in our thoughts at this sad time.

1st November 2016

Market Comment – November 2016

I am happy to report that the housing market in September officially bounced back according to the Bank of England figures. A total of 62,932 house purchases worth 11.1 billion pounds were approved in September as opposed to 60,984 in August. It is slightly down on the previous 6 months average 64,841 but this was […]

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18th October 2016

Croydon Charity Nightwatch Chairman Jad Adams presented with The Lifetime Service to Croydon Award at this years annual Mayor’s Civic Awards

The fifth annual Mayor’s Civic Awards celebration has recognised and honoured the efforts and achievements of local people and organisations who have strived to make Croydon a better place to live and work. The 14 finalists who attended the awards ceremony in the Braithwaite Hall were drawn from more than 150 nominations made earlier in […]

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Free events taking place in October throughout Croydon

Free events to suit every taste in October In the lead-up to the launch festival for Boxpark Croydon on 29 and 30 October Croydon Council is helping support and promote a series of events around the town that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. On Friday 21 October St George’s Walk will come […]

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Market Comment – October 2016

‘’House prices will rise in the coming 3 months and over the next year as buyer demand continues to re bound’’ This is a quote that I thought sums up my sentiments for the housing market in the areas that we operate in for the remainder of 2016 and going into next year. Whilst the […]

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12th October 2016

East Croydon named top in London area for return on investment (13.8%) according to Rightmove

29th September 2016

Police share top 10 tips to protect your home against burglars

A list of top ten tips on how to keep your home secure from burglars has been released by police as part of a new campaign where specialist manhunt teams will track down suspects and regular high visibility patrols will be carried out in hotspots. The seasonal initiative, which aims to prevent burglaries and crack […]

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14th September 2016

New housing minister Gavin Barwell has suggested government policy could be shifted to give greater support for ‘generation rent’.

13th September 2016

Market Comment – September 2016

Once again the old wives tale that the property market goes quiet in August proved nothing more than just that and I am pleased to read numerous articles underpinning that confidence returns to the post Brexit housing market. As I mentioned last month, we did experience a small price adjustment in some cases with a […]

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12th September 2016

“Croydon is a hub for tech, for culture, for development, and it is one of the hidden gems of our great city, and I’m looking forward to Croydon flourishing and thriving,” Says London Mayor Sadiq Khan

19th August 2016

Addiscombe’s original Olympic hero Paul Nihill honored with his own street name Nihill Place, minutes from where he grew up

Croydon boxer Joshua Buatsi has guaranteed himself a medal at Rio 2016 by earning a place in the semi-final.

Plans for a £17.5 million leisure centre in New Addington are finally set to be approved by Croydon Council.

Croydon Council invite applications for a place on their panel to help to shape architectural designs in the borough.

1st August 2016

Market Comment – August 2016

July has proved a positive month because my staff and I have remained positive, sometimes battling against the gloomongers and experts who can only talk of nothing else but a slowdown. We remain extremely positive at Streets Ahead and I have spoken to other leading independent estate agents both in south east London and around […]

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13th July 2016

Market Comment – July 2016

Well what a month June was! I think I, like many others will remember the 23rd June for many years to come and as the news of our surprise Brexit from the European Union and what can only be described as political turbulence engulfs the news, it is important to remember that we have experienced […]

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27th June 2016

EU Vote: Short term turbulence but long term for UK market is still upwards

In one of the most historic days in decades, the UK has decided to leave the European Union after months and months of campaigning. Some of the campaigning has been criticised for being negative and scaremongering but people of the United Kingdom have ultimately decided. It is unlikely that there will be an immediate shift […]

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23rd June 2016

Unique architect-designed homes launch in Croydon

Home buyers looking for a unique architect-designed home will want to view two beautiful new executive mews properties being launched onto the market by Streets Ahead. The Streets Ahead New Homes team are delighted to offer for sale The Mews on Addiscombe Road. Each property boasts high quality finishes throughout, with bespoke, fully integrated kitchens […]

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Streets Ahead sponsor Nightwatch 40th Anniversary Conference

Streets Ahead is sponsoring an important conference on homelessness to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Croydon charity Nightwatch. Marcus Jones MP, the Minister responsible for Government policy on homelessness, will lead experts in a discussion of the issues affecting homeless people at the conference in Croydon on September 21. They will look at what […]

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Streets Ahead sponsoring a great day out at Croydon Food Festival

Thousands of foodies will descend on south Croydon this Sunday (26th June) to enjoy music, entertainment and fabulous cuisine at the Croydon Food Festival sponsored by Streets Ahead Estate Agents. South End – Croydon’s famous Restaurant Quarter – will close to make way for alfresco dining and over 70 stalls serving top class dishes from […]

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8th June 2016

Market Comment – June 2016

Activity throughout our offices remained solid and steady in May with regard to the sales market with a small increase for the same month in 2015. New instructions to the market were up 3% and new registrations looking to buy were also up 3%. Interestingly, I have looked at the type of property that our […]

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3rd June 2016

Streets Ahead event experts draw 200 buy-to-let investors

  More than 200 people got an exclusive insight into Croydon’s booming buy-to-let market from leading property experts at the second Streets Ahead Investor Event (Thursday, 2nd June). Top industry commentator Kate Faulkner and Croydon’s Deputy Leader Alison Butler, Councillor for Homes, Regeneration and Planning, gave delegates the inside track on investing in the local market at […]

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24th May 2016

Check out our new local area restaurant guides

Prospective home buyers often ask us about the amenities in the areas where they are looking to settle – and they regularly inquire about the restaurants nearby. The Croydon and Crystal Palace area have an excellent selection of restaurants to choose from. So we’ve compiled Fact Files on each of the areas where we have […]

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Cumnor House pupils to design a car for Streets Ahead

Pupils at Cumnor House School are in the driving seat in a new competition to come up with an imaginative design for a Streets Ahead car. Throughout the month of June we will be inviting pupils at the school to enter the competition. The young artists who come up with the winning designs will receive […]

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17th May 2016

‘Croydon brand’ boom behind price surge says Streets Ahead director

First time buyers flocking to Croydon have pushed the average asking price of starter homes up faster in the borough than anywhere else in the country. Prices surged by 18.6% in Croydon over the past year to an average of £297,770, making it the nation’s top hotspot for first time buyer homes according to online […]

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13th May 2016

Get your FREE tickets now for our expert-led Investor Event on June 2

Tickets are going fast for the  Streets Ahead Investor Event in Croydon College Conference Centre next month. Delegates at the free-to-attend Streets Ahead Estate Agents’ sponsored event on Thursday, 2nd June will be offered an exclusive insight into the Croydon buy-to-let market from a panel of top experts. Property media commentator and author, Kate Faulkner […]

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4th May 2016

Market Comment – May 2016

April has in some respects defied all the pundits and that has certainly been the case in the areas that we operate in. Some industry commentators had suggested from the 1st April that Buy to Let landlords and people buying second homes would have to pay 3% stamp duty and in the areas that we […]

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3rd May 2016

TV property guru Kate Faulkner to address Investor Event

Get the inside track on investing in Croydon and the buy-to-let market from leading media property expert Kate Faulkner at the Streets Ahead Investor Event next month. Property expert Kate, who regularly features on national and local TV and radio, is the keynote speaker at the second Streets Ahead Investor Event in Croydon College Conference […]

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27th April 2016

Meet Michelle – our New Homes Sales Manager

Our New Homes Sales Manager Michelle Whittle is one of Streets Ahead’s most knowledgeable and trusted experts. She joins us this spring after five years working as senior sales advisor for Berkeley Homes at their prestigious Saffron Square development in Croydon. Michelle’s position at Streets Ahead takes in everything from implementing fresh ideas and innovations […]

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London Marathon man Kai raises £2,399 for charity

Streets Ahead Sales Consultant Kai Seale raised an amazing £2,399 for the Shooting Start Chase charity when he ran the London Marathon. Kai, who is based at the Croydon Central branch, ran the 26 mile course around the streets of London in 5 hours, 57 minutes and 59 seconds on Sunday, 24th April. He is […]

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Innovative new website puts our customers first

Streets Ahead’s bright new website will be even more focused on what our valued customers need and want from their estate agent. The new website, which went live this month, has a fresh new look, with easier to navigate sections, packed full of properties, news and information. The website was designed after extensive research and […]

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15th April 2016

Market comment – April 2016

March, what a month!. As investors rushed to complete by the March 31st, it would be no exaggeration to say that our team were working at a speed reminiscent of the property market at its absolute busiest. Speaking to solicitors and conveyancers, many had seconded extra staff to cover the deadline as any investment property […]

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1st March 2016


Streets Ahead Director, Gary O’Hare, on why home buyers have taken a shine to the attractions of Crystal Palace

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15th February 2016

Market Comment – February 2016

February, what a month! Not only a leap year, but a leap in enquiries both for sales, investments and prospective new tenants. Following our unprecedented success which even surprised me on the 3rd February at our launch of Fifteen Lansdowne in our Croydon office at 219-221 Lower Addiscombe Road which was packed full of prospective […]

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1st February 2016


Gary O’Hare, Director of Streets Ahead on how to sell your home for more in the spring

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16th December 2015

Streets Ahead wins top honours at the UK estate agency ‘Oscars’ – The Sunday Times and The Times Estate Agency of the Year

Streets Ahead took three top honours in the UK property industry’s most prestigious awards programme, The Sunday Times and The Times Estate Agency of the Year. Gold Award: left to right, Matt Dawson MBE, Gemma Fenwick, and Gary O’Hare. At a glittering ceremony in the opulent setting of The Lancaster London Hotel opposite Hyde Park on December 4, […]

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Meet the Team: Patrick Donnelly, our Land & New Homes Director

Land and New Homes Director Patrick Donnelly beat some of the best estate agents in the country to make the final six in The Sunday Times and The Times Estate Agency Manager of the Year competition. Patrick, who was formerly the Manager of our Croydon Branch, was ‘honoured’ to be shortlisted in the prestigious national awards programme. […]

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15th December 2015

Market Comment – December 15

The housing market in general across all of our areas in November remained steady and I noticed in a recent report that the average value of a property now stands at £196,305 across the Uk which is 3.7% higher than a year ago. Croydon continues to ‘’buck the trend’’ with quite a lot of negative […]

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26th November 2015

Our team celebrate double silver success at the prestigious Negotiator Awards.

Streets Ahead celebrated a double success at The Negotiator Awards this month. The glittering event, compered by talented TV impressionist, comedian, and writer Alistair McGowan, was held at The London Hilton Park Lane on 3rd November. Our own talented team picked up Silver in the Community Champion of the Year Award and Silver in the […]

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Meet the Team: Jola Bamigbola, Sales Manager, Crystal Palace

This month we profile Crystal Palace Sales Manager Jola Bamigbola. After 10 years with the company Jola says that Streets Ahead is “my second family.”  The Dad of two said: “I love the buzz of helping people make their wishes come true with regard to finding their dream home. It’s a great feeling when a deal […]

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‘Croydon is booming! says new manager of revamped South Croydon branch

The new manager of Streets Ahead’s freshly refurbished South Croydon branch says the area is a property hotspot thanks to the buzz around the borough’s multi-billion pound regeneration. Jon Claustres, who has worked with the firm for five years, commented: “Croydon is booming at the moment, with Westfield coming to the area, it has really […]

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15th November 2015

Market Comment – November 2015

Traditionally October is a good solid month for the housing market and October 2015 was not to disappoint. Early indicators in the month showed a firm spike in prospective purchasers looking to buy and in the first half of October as a group we registered 4% more purchasers than October 2014. Firmly on the agenda […]

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1st November 2015

TO SELL or not to sell?

Gary O’Hare, Director of Streets Ahead, weighs up the pros and cons of selling your current home before you buy a new one

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22nd October 2015

Busy fundraising month puts Streets Ahead staff on schedule to hit £25,000 charity Foundation target for our 25th anniversary year

Streets Ahead staff are edging closer to their 2015 target to raise £25k for our charitable Foundation in our 25th year. They raised £195 from a pool tournament  at the Whitehorse Pub in Selhurst last month. The tournament was won by Croydon Branch Lettings Manager, Daniel Thornton, who kindly gave his winnings to the Foundation. […]

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21st October 2015

It’s Streets Ahead every time for Nick and Marina

Between them Nick Durkin and Marina Steel have almost 35 years of service with Streets Ahead. As valued members of the 80 strong Streets Ahead team they contribute greatly to the success of the company. We asked them about their work – and how they like to spend their time away from the office. NICK […]

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15th October 2015

Market Comment – October 2015

September’s housing market can only be described as a month of confidence as we experienced as a group more prospective buyers registering than any other month in our 25 year history and this was fairly equal across our group from office to office from Crystal Palace to Coulsdon. Our stock coming to the market was […]

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12th October 2015


Gary O’Hare, Director of Streets Ahead Estate Agents, on why autumn is the best time to sell your home

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14th September 2015

Streets Ahead team tackle tough ‘Nuts Challenge’ assault course and raise £1,600 for our Foundation charity.

A Streets Ahead team took on the gruelling ‘Nuts Challenge’ race and raised £1,600 for our Foundation which raises funds for local charities and good causes. This commendable effort pushes the Foundation closer to the £25,000 target set to mark Streets Ahead’s 25th Anniversary. The 15 strong team tackled 7km of mud and obstacles with names […]

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1st September 2015

How to sell a house

Gary O’Hare, Director of Streets Ahead, shares tips on encouraging prospective buyers and achieving a good price for your home

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27th July 2015

Get the inside track on the buoyant buy-to-let market at Streets Ahead Investor Forum this autumn – contact us to register your interest now

Buy-to-let and portfolio investors are invited to attend the second Streets Ahead Estate Agents Property Investor Forum in Croydon this autumn. Over 100 attendees at the inaugural Investors Forum at Croydon College Conference Centre in June were given an exclusive insight to the potential of the fast growing, multi-billion pound Croydon property market by a panel of […]

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Two summer charity sports tournaments raise £7,000 for Streets Ahead Foundation – Directors thanks sponsors and supporters

Friends, staff and client of Streets Ahead Estate Agents have raised £7,000 from two summer sports tournaments for the firm’s Foundation for local charities. The latest event – the Streets Ahead Foundation 5-a-side football tournament at Whyteleafe Sports Club – attracted 120 players and raised £2,000 in an afternoon last week. The earlier event – […]

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Highly successful Streets Ahead Property Investor Forum gives delegates inside track on Croydon’s buy-to-let investment potential

Delegates at the first Streets Ahead Estate Agents Property Investor Forum learned that Croydon property prices outperformed central London by 3% with a 19% increase in the past calendar year. Over 100 portfolio investors and first time buy-to-let investors were being given an exclusive insight to the potential of the fast growing, multi-billion pound Croydon […]

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11th May 2015

Streets Ahead directors credit “hardworking and passionate staff” for the company’s 25 year success story in a new video to mark our anniversary year

Streets Ahead Estate Agents Managing Director Bob Hay and Director Gary O’Hare have praised the firm’s hard working and passionate staff in a new video to mark the 25th anniversary year of the firm. Both said they have been “blessed” with great staff over the years who were hard working and ambitious to succeed within […]

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13th April 2015

Streets Ahead make little Elena’s dream job come true for the day!

Little Elena Buckingham is already Streets Ahead when it comes to choosing her future career. The seven year old from Norwood was inspired to become an estate agent after Dad Terry and Mum Tracy bought and sold several family homes through Streets Ahead Estate Agents in Croydon. Terry and Tracy Buckingham with their daughter Elena, […]

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31st March 2015

Crowds cheer on runners in Streets Ahead half marathon

The Streets Ahead Croydon Half-Marathon was an outstanding success as crowds turned out on Sunday to cheer on a strong field of runners and raise over £5,000 for charity. Spectators enjoyed family entertainment and activities as well as a barbecue laid on by Streets Ahead Estate Agents, who were sponsoring the event for the fifth […]

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29th March 2015

Marina’s surprise award for sterling service

Streets Ahead launched its 25th anniversary celebrations by surprising long serving member of staff Marina Steel with the gift of a Rolex watch. Marina, whose nephew is Croydon-based X Factor winner Ben Haenow, has been with the estate agency since it was founded 25 years ago by Managing Director Bob Hay and Director Gary O’Hare. […]

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28th March 2015

Agent praised after giving £5,000 to Croydon Nightwatch homeless charity

Staff at Streets Ahead have won warm praise for their ‘brilliant’ backing of the town’s homeless charity Croydon Nightwatch. Streets Ahead have been long standing supporters of the charity, which has helped thousands of homeless people since it was founded almost 40 years ago. Jad Adams of Nightwatch, the charity which helps homeless people in […]

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11th March 2015

Morello leads an exciting new era

The third exciting phase of Croydon’s £168million showcase Morello new homes development has just been unveiled by Menta Redrow. Morello – a flagship project within the town’s multi-billion pound redevelopment – will turn a largely derelict site next to East Croydon station into a vibrant, sustainable new community. Investors have already bought up almost all […]

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