Market Comment – October 2016

Gary‘’House prices will rise in the coming 3 months and over the next year as buyer demand continues to re bound’’

This is a quote that I thought sums up my sentiments for the housing market in the areas that we operate in for the remainder of 2016 and going into next year.

Whilst the formula for my view is nothing new and applies to any basic commodity in that as long as demand outweighs supply, there will be confidence in that commodity.

Conversely I have read a number of reports in September and October where pundits, experts and surveyors expect central London prices to fall or in my words ‘’re adjust’’ over the coming months and I can foresee stabilisation in 2017 with central London house prices. Of course the gloom mongers will call it something else but this is nothing to panic about and merely a stable market.

We cannot ignore low interest rates and extremely competitive fixed mortgages all the way up to 10 years and let me be clear when I hear pundits compare the post Brexit nervousness to other markets whereby in times gone by there has been no appetite to let, this is definitely not the case now.

Turning to the number of new prospective purchasers registering to purchase, I am pleased to report that was up 4% as confidence grows in strength and new homes enquiries also showed a pleasant spike in new enquiries.

Turning to the lettings market, rents have remained static and there have been strong enquiries whilst landlords are deciding to keep the same tenants and electing for longer tenancies.

I look forward to reporting back to you in November on what I think is exciting and promising times ahead.