Market Comment – December 2021

Firstly, happy new year to all our clients, both past current and all our new customers to come.

It would be fair to stay, along with the obvious, the housing market is always a topic for conversation at Christmas and after reading many reports, I broadly concur with Mr Galley the MD of Halifax that house prices will maintain strong levels, however I think that there is more movement than an increase of 2% and I think there could be as much as 5% in parts of Croydon.

So this year is likely to be an exciting year for prospective homeowners and already as I write, we are booking market appraisals in for February and March, proving that the house market is not slowing down.

Our operation is slightly changing with the opening of two offices planned in the first quarter of 2022 and I have been thrilled that we have already secured nearly 15 new positions for Croydon residents across all spectrums of the company, from property management, to accounts, lettings, new homes and sales.

Whilst going in to 2021, I was a little apprehensive for obvious reasons, but I am confident about the housing market this year, with the caveat that we must be vigilant and extremely careful in how safely we conduct ourselves and the public with regards to the Covid virus. We will continue to strictly follow government guidelines in this respect. I am all to aware, each and every one of us has a part to play in combatting and bringing under control and eventually defeating this virus which has been devastating for so many people.

I am really excited about 4 new developments, two with houses and two with apartments, being launched in the first quarter of 2022 and as I reported last quarter, we have recently taken over the management of a large portfolio of 236, mainly apartments, all privately let which has been a great opportunity for Andrew Hylton and his team in our property management department, to show how good they really are at their jobs.

Once again, I wish everyone a happy new year and I look forward to reporting back to you at the beginning of February.