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Land Acquisition and Disposal

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We understand that house builders rely on agents with proven experience in identifying and supplying land opportunities, so we ensure that every member of our team is trained to act in your best interests.

For house builders and developers looking to acquire sites, we proactively seek out overlooked parcels of land, locate the owners, initiate sales discussions and help secure opportunities depending on whether we are involved in the acquisition or disposal service.

We pinpoint and nurture potential sites on a daily basis in areas as diverse as:

  • Land assembly
  • Brownfield
  • Strategic
  • Commercial property
  • Housing Associations
  • Joint venture arrangements.


Helping Land Owners Maximise Value

If you own a property or piece of land that may have potential, our advice and insight can help you secure the best possible return for it.  

We work with developers in every sector, have extensive experience of the planning system and can introduce you to potential partners such as house builders.


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Development Consultancy

Let us help you maximise the value of your land.
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